health and safety



Vitality Contractors LTD activity is related to the list of risks that may occur at any stage of construction work, as well as adversely affect its production and financial results. Every stage of construction and repair has different significance and is caused by the corresponding risks occurrence possibility. In this regard, the company's risk management is aimed at the probable negative consequences reducing and the damage minimizing in case of its occurrence. Reducing the risk implies also the possibility of complete elimination of the possible damage and negative impact at any stage of the work, as well as in the planning and preparation of estimates. Managing risks, the company is guided by the following principles:

  • the risk shouldn't exceed the costs allowable taking into account the size of capital;
  • the proportionality of the expected benefits and the probable negative consequences - the prohibition of risking everything for the sake of small;
  • maximum envisage all risks possible.

Our Health and Safety


Vitality Contractors LTD company strictly monitors the updating of laws and norms, which are related to the regulations of safety in the enterprise. According to the requirements of the law, our company has developed a security policy that is respected by all employees. Our health and safety commitment is based on the safety key principles such as restriction or elimination of the danger causes, personal and general protection means usage, updating of equipment and checking the tools and mechanisms condition, etc. The company's specialists also observe the rules of fencing dangerous construction zones and building materials storage rules. Due to qualified and effective teamwork organization our health and safety commitment are performed at a decent level.